policies and measures

Measures on Promoting the Construction of "China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai)"

2020-05-06 15:26   |   Source: Shanghai Putuo

I. Support Methods

1. Support the construction of innovation incubation platforms

Newly introduced incubators licensed by the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA)could enjoy the support if approved. For the science and technology business incubators (including makerspace, accelerator, etc.) registered and operated in the Hub, the support could be offered for each enterprise as incubator service reward according to the situation of the incubator graduation and settlement in the district if approved.

2. Support the construction of science and technology research and development platforms 

For the R&D public service platforms such as new key laboratories, engineering technology research centers, industrial technology innovation service platforms, professional technology service platforms, and application research centers,etc. approved by the state or Shanghai municipal government in the Hub,the support could be offered. The approved R&D public service platforms which acquire the projects of Shanghai enhancing platforms capacity could enjoy district-level support at a certain proportion. For the newly-approved foreign-invested R&D center by the municipal government, support could be offered. For projects implemented by Sci-tech frontier R&D institutions, key laboratories, key universities and innovation platforms,etc.conforming with the industrial orientation of the Hub and supported by the Zhangjiang policies, the district-level support could be offered at a certain proportion.

3. Support professional services

For the enterprises and institutions settling in the Hub and with remarkable contributions to the innovative entities in the Hub in terms of legal services, scientific and technological fruit transformation services, standardized services, accounting and auditing services, intellectual property services, human resources services and other professional services, certain support on office rent could be offered. Professional service enterprises and institutions that have settled in before the end of 2020 and with remarkable contributions to the innovative entities in the Hub could be supported on office rent for up to three years. Professional service enterprises and institutions registered, settled in and awarded with honors or qualifications of state-level or municipal-level could enjoy a reward. 

4. Support the procurement of professional services

For enterprises and institutions in the Hub that use the Shanghai Science and technology innovation vouchers, the actual service expenses reviewed and confirmed by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the support could be offered at a certain proportion. For qualified micro-sized, small-sized and medium-sized hi-tech enterprises and start-ups in the Hub, a certain amount of sci-tech service vouchers could be issued for the procurement of professional services.

5. Reduce the establishment cost of entities

Enterprises and institutions registered and settling in the Hub could enjoy certain support on operation and office rent if approved. Those which have settled in the Hub before the end of 2020 and conform to the industrial orientation of the Hub could enjoy district-level support on operation and office rent for up to three years if approved. 

6. Support the increasing investment in R&D 

Hi-tech enterprises in the Hub enjoying the pre-tax deduction of research and development expenses in accordance with the regulations could enjoy support at a certain proportion according to the research and development expenses incurred by the enterprise in the previous year. The research and development expenses shall be subject to the special audit report issued by a qualified accounting firm or the amount recognized by the competent tax authority. The support proportion of new hi-tech enterprises is higher than other enterprises. It shall choose the highest one among the similar support on R&D expenses(such as Shanghai new hi-tech storage and cultivation enterprises support, etc.). For biomedical enterprises in the Hub that have obtained the certifications of international pharmaceutical production standards such as FDA, EMEA, and WHO, etc. and have been supported by Zhangjiang policies, district-level support could be offered.

7. Strengthen intellectual property protection

Enterprises and institutions in the Hub that have applied for and obtained invention patents at home and abroad could be rewarded; those who have won "China Patent Award" and "Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award" can be given district-level support; those who have been recognized as the state or Shanghai intellectual property demonstration may be rewarded. For the enterprises in the Hub that have completed patent conversion, transaction and license to the enterprises in the district, if the single contract amount reaches more than 100000 yuan and if recognized, a reward could be given according to the actual transaction amount; those purchasing patent insurance could enjoy the support at a proportion according to the annual premium per policy if approved.

8. Support innovation and entrepreneurship activities

Activities or projects held in the district that have significant influence in the fields of China-Israel cooperative innovation, such as exhibitions, events, forums, venture capital roadshows, etc. could be supported according to the operating investment.

9. Promote the industrialization of scientific research results

For projects introducing overseas technologies from Israel and other countries for industrialization or China-Israel projects which have been operated in the Hub and recognized as Shanghai new hi-tech achievements transformation projects , the support may be offered based on comprehensive evaluation of project rating, investment amount and other factors.

10. Promote the industrialization of entrepreneurship projects

For innovative enterprises registered and operated in the Hub as the award-winning projects of China-Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition at the municipal level or above,or those in the Hub winning award in the above-mentioned competitions , if recognized, a reward could be given according to the award-winning amount.

11. Introduction of high-level overseas talents

For the employers in the Hub who introduce overseas innovative and entrepreneurial talents (teams) including the winners of internationally renowned awards such as Nobel Prize, Turning Award, Fields Medal, etc., academicians from developed countries, national level overseas high-level talents and etc., reward could be given if the introduced talents have served the employer for more than one year after the application is approved.

12. Meet the living needs of talents

For the core members of enterprises, institutions and innovative entrepreneurial teams settling in the Hub without self-ownership housing, priority could be given to the arrangement of talent apartments as well as other support after the application is approved. The number of applicants should not exceed three generally.

13. Support intermediary agencies to participate in enterprise investment promotion

The relevant organizations assisting the introduced enterprises to be in operation in the Hub may be rewarded according to the actual contribution of the introduced enterprises to the regional economy ,or according to the comprehensive evaluation of the introduced enterprises.It shall choose the higer one between two reward ways instead of receiving both of them.

14. Support intermediary agencies to promote technology transfer

For relevant institutions that promote the transfer of technological achievements of Israel and other countries to the enterprises in the Hub and realize the transformation, a reward could be given according to the actual technological transaction amount after the application is approved.

15. Provide special support for angel investment in the Hub

Provide special support for early-stage enterprises registered and operated in the Hub which are with certain technical level after assessment and integrate industrial investment to promote the growth of enterprises. 

16. Support the entry of financial capital

For the financial leasing enterprises in the district which provide financial leasing services to enterprises in the Hub, if approved, the support can be given according to the total amount of financing provided to the enterprises in the Hub in the current year. Venture capital institutions in the district which invest equity in seed-stage enterprises in the Hub could be rewarded according to the annual cumulative investment amount for every investment in a business.

17. Support enterprise listing financing

Enterprises in the Hub which issue shares and list for the first time on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, HongKong Stock Exchange or other major overseas stock exchanges, if recognized, can be rewarded.

18. Miscellaneous

The management committee of the Hub will approve the rewards and support methods in terms with other situations which have made significant contributions to the construction of the Hub.

II. Supplementary Instruction

1. In principle, the measures are applicable to enterprises and institutions registered in China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai)  with independent legal entity.

2. The measures are implemented in parallel with the “3+5+X” industrial measures of the district. If enterprises and institutions satisfy the conditions for above similar supportive measures, it shall choose to apply for the highest one instead of receiving all.

3. China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is responsible for accepting the project application and conducting formal review. After the project review results come out, it should respond to the applicants and cooperate with the works in terms with project management service, measures consultation and answering. Putuo District Management Committee Office of China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai) together with responsible units of measures shall carry out works including but not limited to project examination, track, and evaluation.

4. Enterprises or institutions that apply for the support will subject to credit review. If there has been a serious dishonesty or illegal acts in the past three years, the application shall be disqualified. If an enterprise or institution has any dishonesty in the process of enjoying support, if verified, it shall be submitted to the public credit information service platform in accordance with the relevant provisions. If the  of support commits illegal acts such as fraud and fraudulent acquisition of support, if verified, all support qualifications will be immediately cancelled and the support will be recovered, relevant responsibilities will be investigated according to law.

5. For enterprises and institutions that have been operating in the Hub for more than three years and have applied for support under the measures, ,their contribution to the regional economy shall be considered in principle.

6. The measures are valid until December 31st, 2021.