Microware Group launches AI computing platform in Putuo District

July 09, 2024 |

Putuo District officially signed a contract with Microware (Shanghai) Technology Development Co Ltd on Saturday at the World AI Conference and High-Level Meeting on Global AI Governance (WAIC) 2024.

The project actively lays out a high-performance heterogeneous intelligent computing platform, advocates an open-source ecosystem and provides one-stop solutions for clients across various industries, including computing power, algorithms, models, data and AI tools, driving technological innovation and the industrial application of AI. The total investment in the project reaches 80 million yuan (US$11 million).

Microware (Shanghai) Technology Development Co Ltd is a subsidiary of Microware Group,  a Hong Kong-based renowned IT leader established in 1985. The business covers IT solutions, artificial intelligence solutions, next-generation AI enterprise application engines, modern enterprise cloud services, technical support and managed services, cybersecurity and the supply of hardware, software and semiconductors.

"By establishing this project in Putuo, Microware Group will help enterprises upgrade their operations and increase efficiency through advanced technology, continue to maintain a leading position in the field of information technology, and actively expand into China's mainland and Southeast Asian markets, providing strong support for the digital transformation and upgrading of businesses in these regions," said an executive from Microware Shanghai.