Shanghai Global Gourmet Festival brings the world to your plate

July 03, 2024 |

The 2024 Shanghai Global Gourmet Festival's Putuo branch kicked off at Global Harbor on Sunday.

The event, running from June 30 to August 31, will bring a series of richly varied culinary feasts to residents and visitors.

At the launch ceremony, 75 Putuo's first dining establishments were showcased, including the modern Charlotte’s, hailed as the "best birthday restaurant," and OTF California Restaurant, known for its American flair, among other "hidden gem" eateries.

That evening, the global food tasting event, a brand-new experiential activity, made its debut on the fourth floor of Global Harbor. More than 30 merchants from within Global Harbor presented their popular items for free tasting by the attendees, who then voted for their favorite dishes.

"Our beverages blend Chinese tea with Colombian cocoa powder, allowing consumers to taste the distinctive flavors of two countries simultaneously, offering both fragrance and richness," said the manager of a tea drink shop. He expressed great enthusiasm for participating in the tasting event, as it allows consumers unfamiliar with their brand to get to know and appreciate their original drinks through sampling.

Additionally, from Monday until September 5, the West Square of Global Harbor will host the Global Food Surfing Festival daily. The "International Cuisine Zone" on the fifth floor of Global Harbor will soon be introduced to consumers, featuring delectable dishes from countries like Greece, Sri Lanka and Serbia.

The shopping mall will also host a Beer Carnival from July 12 to August 4, creating an immersive beer garden experience.