Putuo District's cultural venues welcome visitors without reservations

June 18, 2024 |

In response to the citywide initiative, the majority of cultural and tourism venues in Putuo District have fully eliminated the need for reservations, allowing citizens to visit at any time without prior booking.

Officials from the Resource Department of the Putuo District Culture and Tourism Bureau said that for individual visitors, there is no need for real-name reservations at existing facilities such as the Putuo District Library, Putuo District Cultural Center, two art galleries (Liu Haisu Art Museum Putuo Branch and Suning Art Museum), six museums (Gu Zhenghong Memorial Hall, Shanghai Yuan-Dynasty Sluice Site Museum, Shanghai Textile Museum, East China Normal University Museum, Huxi Workers' Half-Day School History Museum and the Suzhou Creek Industrial Civilization Exhibition Hall), and two A-level tourist attractions (M50 Creative Park and Shanghai Industrial Initial Intention Cultural Zone). Only the Changfeng Ocean World requires an ID number for online ticket purchases.

"Exhibition halls that don’t require reservations allow me to make spontaneous visits and often lead to unexpected discoveries," said a visitor surnamed Chen at the Putuo District Cultural Center.