Putuo 'micro-expo' showcases global brands

June 17, 2024 |

A "micro-expo" global product show was launched in Putuo District over the weekend, showcasing more than 800 new products from 22 brands across 18 countries.

The expo on the fourth floor of the Global Harbor mall is part of China's "Year of Consumption Promotion" initiative and Shanghai's major consumer season.

The five-day expo features various lifestyle-themed areas and activities, including high-end light luxury, urban relaxation, new decoration, dopamine lifestyle, and new design ecology. The event also included product launches, wine tasting, lifestyle experiences, and music shows.

MLily, a well-known home brand held a "wedding season" product launch on a glass bridge at the mall.

The unique location and fashion-tech products attracted many visitors and young couples.

An Iranian handmade carpet brand also gained popularity for its natural materials, complex craftsmanship, and beautiful designs.

Traditional large exhibitions often overwhelmed consumers. In contrast, such micro-expo allow for a more focused and engaging experience, said Cong Guoliang, secretary general of the Shanghai Interior Decoration Industry Association.

As a highlight, the Canadian luxury brand ALDO launched its first flagship store in China at the Global Harbor during the event.

The expo aimed to present global lifestyle trends and the best products and services to consumers, enhancing brand cooperation and interaction, said Ding Zuohong, the president of Yuexing Group, the organizer of the event.

If you go:
Event: Global Harbor Micro-Expo
Duration: Through Wednesday
Admission: Free
Site: Global Harbor, Putuo District 环球港
Address: 3300 Zhongshan Rd N.
Transport: Jinshajiang Road Station of Metro Line 3, 4, or 13