Putuo District gears up for a festival of lights and shadow

June 14, 2024 |

Putuo District, as one of the venues for the inaugural Shanghai International Light and Shadow Festival to be held in September, has completed the relevant preparations and preliminary plan designs to ensure that it presents an exquisitely modern night view for citizens and tourists at that time.

During the Light and Shadow Festival, Putuo will focus on creating the only characteristic light and shadow activities featuring cruise boats, with a combination of water and land linkage. 

An opening lighting ceremony will be held at the main venue of the Half Marathon Suzhou Creek Park and various activities will be held at four sub-venues: Half Marathon Suzhou Creek Park, the Global Harbor business area, Haina Park and M50 Creative Park.

The event is scheduled to take place from September 30 to October 7, lasting for eight days.

The current phase three lighting project focuses on the "illumination" of key buildings, residential areas and commercial buildings along Suzhou Creek. A longer waterfront will be lit up, more landscape features will quietly emerge and a variety of interactive lighting installations will be installed, using the magic of light and shadow to bring everyone an artistic feast.

The newly renovated Wuning Road Bridge landscape lights have also become the first landscape water curtain bridge across Suzhou Creek in the city. Before the second quarter, six interactive light and shadow projection devices in Putuo District will also make their debut to the public.