Tongchuan School combines tennis and TCM in innovative campus culture

June 13, 2024 |

To promote campus sports and spread the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai Tongchuan School in Putuo District has developed a unique campus culture combining tennis and TCM.

Tongchuan School occupies an area of 21,447 square meters, featuring extensive green spaces and a multi-layered plant layout, which provides a fully utilizable natural ecological environment. Building on the existing ecological resources, the school has established an innovative experimental base known as the Herb Garden.

The Tongchuan Herb Garden covers an area of over 1,000 square meters, with about 200 square meters dedicated to a greenhouse. It encompasses four functional areas: diverse plant observation area, medicinal plant observation area, indoor experiment area and outdoor planting experience area.

The Herb Garden is open to other schools, community residents and social organizations in the form of public volunteer service. Activities such as herb planting, making herbal sachets, producing eco-friendly hand sanitizers and introducing planting of Chinese herbal medicines into the community are conducted to spread knowledge about Chinese herbs and promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Simultaneously, Tongchuan School has also been recognized as a national campus tennis featured school. The school offers a tennis club, providing ample training time each week for its members. Every year, a group of students is selected from the new first-grade students to join the tennis team.