Haina Engineering Academy a new landmark in Zhenru area

June 06, 2024 |

The Haina Engineering Academy was completed recently, becoming a new landmark in the Zhenru area.

Covering an area of 4,005 square meters, the Haina Engineering Academy consists of five floors above ground and one below. Its appearance resembles both the moon and a ship. 

Upon completion, the first and second floors will serve as exhibition spaces, while the remaining areas will be used as offices for research institutions and science and innovation teams, as well as hosting significant events like "Haina Night Talks."

"The project is located at the intersection of two rivers. Although the building looks like an ocean-going ship, from a bird's-eye view, the academy more resembles a crescent moon, forming a layout of 'sun and moon shining together' with the nearby China Welfare Institute Nursery."

As a green three-star building, the Haina Engineering Academy boasts superior energy-saving and thermal insulation properties, reducing annual carbon emissions by 54.5 tons and truly achieving a "warm in winter and cool in summer" environment with low carbon emissions.

As a key research facility, the Haina Engineering Academy has no fences or walls, and the ground around the building is level with the pedestrian roads. To its north, the under-construction Haina Digital Park is accessible to the public in August.