Marriott's Edition Hotel brings high-end hospitality to Putuo

June 05, 2024 |

The former Shanghai New Development Asia-Pacific JW Marriott Hotel in Putuo District will be upgraded to the country’s fourth and Shanghai’s second Edition Hotel, to be named the Shanghai Edition, Changfeng Park. 

This marks the introduction of a global high-end hotel in Putuo District, setting a new benchmark for hotels along Suzhou Creek.

The Edition Hotels are a luxury brand under Marriott International, known for their unique design concept and exceptional service quality. The renovation and upgrade will integrate the distinctive elements of the Edition brand while preserving the essence of the original architecture.

The Edition Hotel is situated at the intersection of Daduhe Road and Guangfu Road W., adjacent to Changfeng Park, and located in the core area along Suzhou Creek in Putuo District. 

The hotel offers panoramic views of the “Half Marathon Suzhou Creek,” Changfeng Park and the Changfeng branch of the Shanghai Library for Children and Youth. 

The hotel is planned to open in the first half of 2026 and is expected to offer around 280 guest rooms.

Thanks to the excellent geographical location of Putuo District, there are now over 50 hotels in the area with more than 100 rooms each.