Young volunteer donates life-saving cells, brings hope to leukemia patient

May 14, 2024 |

Young volunteer Lin Hao underwent stem cell collection and donation at Changhai Hospital recently, becoming the 628th stem cell donor in Shanghai.

Lin, a 28-year-old employee of Putuo State-owned Assets Management Co Ltd, is a retired soldier. As early as his freshman year in college, he voluntarily signed up for the Chinese Stem Cell Donor Registry. 

Ten years later, when he received a call from the Shanghai branch of the China Marrow Bank informing him that he was an initial match for a leukemia patient, Lin agreed without hesitation.

"Actually, my wife and I had planned to have a child this year, but since I can save someone's life, I must fulfill my commitment," said Lin.

In his view, spring is a season full of hope, and the seeds of life will eventually bring hope for the leukemia patient.

"I hope he can bask in the sunlight and enjoy the happiness that life brings in the future," said Lin.