Renovated Wuning Road Bridge lights up the night with unique water curtain display

May 10, 2024 |

After six months of meticulous renovation and enhancement, the Wuning Road Bridge, which was originally built in 1956, has become the first bridge with light and water curtain landscape across Suzhou Creek, adding a beautiful sight to the city's night scenery.

The project included bridge surface repairs and the addition of a series of modern landscape facilities. The resplendent Wuning Road Bridge complements the sparkling Suzhou Creek. 

"Shanghai Welcomes You," "Hope," "Wuning Road Bridge"... The 40-meter bridge-side water curtain, composed of 3,200 water jets, transforms the gurgling water into delicate Chinese characters with the dynamic music, cascading down like silver threads.

In addition to the water curtain, the entire bridge has used more than 3,000 sets of energy-efficient LED lights to create a dazzling effect. The water space under the bridge is the first in Putuo District to add fully controllable colorful lighting, aiming to create a picturesque visual effect for people taking night cruises on Suzhou Creek.

Currently, the Wuning Road Bridge's light and water curtain show starts at 6:30pm-8:30pm from May 1, with a performance every half hour, lasting for 3 minutes each.