Nature's oasis unveiled: Qidonglin Park blooms in Putuo

April 02, 2024 |

After the opening of Chunguang Park, Qidonglin Park, located on the Outer Ring Expressway, with a total area of about 14 hectares, has recently opened.

Qidonglin Park, situated east to the Outer Ring Expressway, south to Wuwei Road connecting Chunguang Park, west to the Xinchapu River and north to Zhennan Road, is an important part of Shanghai's ecological park belt. 

Before the transformation, this area was just an ordinary city green belt. Although it had certain ecological functions, it lacked distinctive features and highlights, making it difficult to meet the leisure needs of the residents.

Qidonglin Park initiated an improvement project at the beginning of 2023, completed it by early 2024, and opened in March. The renovation plan focuses on the "Leaf Avenue," forming a spatial layout of "one road, five realms."

Taking "Maple Forest" as an example, this area cleverly utilizes the existing lotus pond, optimizes the embankment and aquatic plant design and transforms the original palm grove into a red maple forest, creating a poetic realm.

Another realm, "Memory Source," showcases the history and future vision of the city's green belt construction, along with the newly added science popularization service center, providing the public with more opportunities to understand nature and ecology.

Meanwhile, "Peach Creek Exploration" utilizes a severely degraded mixed forest area to excavate water bodies, connect the water systems within the site and create a flower creek landscape. By planting aquatic plants to enrich the water landscape and setting up small water platforms, it enhances interaction between people and water.

Additionally, the park retains two lawns with areas of 1,000 square meters and 2,000 square meters respectively.

In the next step, the Putuo District Landscaping & City Appearance Bureau will continue to promote the opening of Lijiabang Park and the construction of Xinyang Park.