Putuo digital economy enterprises show big growth in Q1

February 07, 2024 |

Digital economy enterprises in Putuo District are estimated to show a significant increase in revenue in the first quarter, according to the District Science and Technology Commission. 

Among them, Shouqianba estimates a revenue of 233.06 million yuan (US$32.41 million) for January and February, a 25.51 percent year-on-year increase. Zaihui Network estimates a revenue of 55 million yuan for January and February, a year-on-year increase of 144.48 percent. The revenue growth of both companies is dependent on their deepening digital transformation and layout of cultivating new development momentum. 

Shouqianba is a domestic digital comprehensive service provider for stores, committed to providing professional mobile payment, marketing management software, advertising, supply chain, shared charging services, business community, and other services for merchants through the power of the network and data, solving the needs of offline merchants in opening stores. 

For example, Shouqianba has made new business expansion on the first domestically produced large cruise ship "Adora Magic City." In this large cruise ship, Shouqianba applies the Chinese mobile Internet with a one-stop digital payment experience for large cruise consumption scenarios. 

Zaihui Networks' revenue increase is inseparable from the company's all-round upgrade in digital layout. Zaihui Network is a research and development oriented technology company that focuses on providing a one-stop e-commerce service for local life merchants nationwide. 

Using its own online channel marketing capabilities, it helps merchants increase their brand penetration rate on platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou and Bilibili, driving the growth of new interconnect markets with digital intelligence services.