Enjoy a picturesque plum blossom exhibition in Meichuan Park

February 06, 2024 |

From now until March 1, the much-loved Plum Blossom Exhibition at Meichuan Park is here as promised, with more than 230 plum trees of over ten varieties. 

Meichuan Park is shaped like a long strip, with two major recreational spaces of a lawn and a square connected by a 200-meter-long pebble health trail, creating a great place for viewing plum blossoms. 

The flower exhibition also has over 30 pots of wintersweet bonsai and three small landscapes to enhance the atmosphere. The theme flower bed in the park is designed around three old plum tree stumps, supplemented by seasonal flowers such as tulips, narcissus, and primroses. 

The plum blossoms in the park are expected to enter their blooming peak during the Chinese New Year period.