Dragons take over popular venues in Putuo for Chinese New Year celebrations

February 01, 2024 |

As the Chinese New Year approaches, major popular venues in Putuo District coincidentally have "dragons" as their theme and various creative and traditional decorations can be seen throughout the streets and alleys, allowing people to feel the strong festive atmosphere. 

At Changfeng Ocean World, a self-designed orange dragon cartoon image is prominently displayed at the entrance, with the Chinese character “fu,” which means fortune, placed in the cartoon character's chest. Tourists who collect five badges of mystery creatures related to the dragon can win a limited-edition shark tooth honor gift box. 

At the Putuo District Lego Exploration Center, a wall with a red dragon-shaped pattern is becoming one of the most popular spots in the center. The dragon-shaped Lego model, full of Chinese New Year's atmosphere, has been placed in the most prominent position in the center. 

The Suzhou Creek cruise ships have all been decorated with dragon elements outside, with a red giant dragon presented on the exterior of the cruise ship. The dragon image at the stern of the ship makes the cruise look like a swimming dragon on the Suzhou Creek, leading citizens to appreciate the Suzhou Creek from a new perspective.