Putuo to retain the vibrant colors of autumn leaves

November 29, 2023 |

Shanghai's urban landscape is once again adorned with one of its most enchanting and aesthetically pleasing autumnal vistas.

The city's greenery authority announced recently that 41 streets will retain the fallen leaves to create a brilliant seasonal spectacle.

Visitors to Huaxi, Tongbai, Lanxi and Shuiquan roads in Putuo District will enjoy the golden canopies above and vibrant foliage below.

Plane, maple and gingko are just a few of the tree species that line these streets.

The foliage scenery will remain from November 16 until mid-December.

Cleaning schedules will be adjusted. According to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau, the number of falling leaves will be managed, and rubbish will be cleared to provide the most beautiful view.

On rainy and hazy days, or ahead of public events, fallen leaves will be collected to ensure pedestrian safety.