Zhenru UNI MAX: boosting economic development in the heart of Zhenru

November 21, 2023 |

The Shanghai Zhenru UNI MAX, with a total area of over 320,000 square meters, is scheduled to grandly open on December 22 and will become the new largest shopping center in Putuo District.

The project is located at the intersection of Caoyang Road and Tongchuan Road, seamlessly connected to Metro lines 11 and 14. The location is in the core area where the nearly 6-kilometer-long Zhenru green corridor intersects with the east-west Zhenru River.

It is expected to boost the economic development of the Zhenru sub-center and become a commercial benchmark in the Zhenru business district. 

Currently, the leasing rate of Zhenru UNI MAX has reached 95 percent, introducing over 60 first stores, including 12 national first stores, five East China first stores and six Shanghai first stores. 

The first appearance of Zhenru UNI MAX has gathered the flagship stores of various top brands, including the first Sam's Club membership store in the downtown area of Shanghai, Meland Club flagship store for children’s entertainment and the luxury fitness brand Panatta Fitness.