Technology roadshow paves the way for China-Israel innovation cooperation

September 12, 2023 |

Ten companies recently held a roadshow focusing on artificial intelligence and medical healthcare projects at the Sino-Israel International Scientific and Technological Achievements InnoExpress. 

As one of the 2023 Pujiang Innovation Forum series activities, the InnoExpress event aims to create cooperation opportunities for scientific and technological innovation achievements between China and Israel and promote the transformation of technological achievements into products. 

During this event, Shanghai AI CARE Medical Technology Co Ltd, one of the eight roadshow companies participating in the first InnoExpress event last year, signed an A-round financing agreement with Shanghai Hanli Equity Investment Management Co Ltd. 

In order to promote a new round of China-Israel innovation cooperation, the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub and the China-Israel Huida (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co Ltd signed a three-party cooperation agreement for overseas operations in Israel. 

According to the agreement, the parties will provide support for China-Israel bilateral activities through the establishment of an Israeli center and a Tel Aviv overseas office, and coordinate with well-known Israeli universities and research institutions to promote research achievement projects to settle in the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub.