Suzhou Creek to increase water rescue capabilities

September 06, 2023 |

Suzhou Creek will be equipped with additional rescue boats, water rescue equipment, and temporary docking points for rescue boats, according to a response from the city's emergency management bureau and Putuo District government to a proposal by a National People's Congress deputy. 

The 42-kilometer Suzhou Creek flows through six districts, with about 21 kilometers in Putuo District. Prior reports have revealed that life-saving facilities on both sides of the Suzhou Creek are mainly installed in key areas such as cruise ship docks and waterfront platforms, with some blind spots in other sections. Additionally, there were no corresponding firefighting and rescue channels established. 

"To achieve the goal of becoming a world-class waterfront area with global influence, safety is the top priority," said Zhu Xueqin, an NPC deputy. 

Relevant departments should construct a multi-party coordinated emergency response system in addition to adding Suzhou Creek service facilities, she added. 

Officials of The Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau said that they will focus on strengthening the water rescue capabilities of Wuning and Yichang firefighting rescue stations and add rescue boats, water rescue equipment, and other professional equipment. 

Temporary docking points for rescue boats will also be set up at Changfeng Pier and Danba Road Pier.