New urban renewal project injects vitality to Suzhou Creek

September 04, 2023 |

The office buildings in Hongshoufang, a new commercial complex in Putuo District, have officially started operation recently. Its commercial section will have a grand opening on September 28, injecting vitality into the economic development of the "Half-Marathon Suzhou Creek." 

"Hongshoufang is a new urban renewal project based on the historical and cultural characteristics of Putuo District, focusing on the needs of surrounding industries and commercial development, as well as the residents' pursuit of a better life," said Zhang Bin, the executive director of Shui On Xintiandi.

Hongshoufang is located in the Suzhou Creek waterfront economic development zone, with a total construction area of about 88,000 square meters, consisting of two high-end office buildings and lane commercial establishments, near Changshou Road Station on Metro lines 7 and 13. 

At present, Hongshoufang has attracted leading companies from various industries such as technology, trade and media. In the future, it will focus on the new economy of multi-channel network, commercial trade and technology, and attract influential enterprise headquarters. 

The lane commercial establishments of Hongshoufang will inherit the original characteristics of the Changshou Road commercial district. Currently, the 15,000 square meters of Hongshoufang's commercial space has a 95 percent investment rate, with 34 stores opening their first shop in Putuo.