Taopu Smart City evolving into ecological demonstration area

March 16, 2023 |

An international and ecological demonstration area is taking shape in Putuo’s Taopu Smart City.

As the premiere landmark project for the transformation and development of Taopu area, the smart city, with a total construction area of about 1.14 million square meters, is an intelligent park integrating high-end offices, boutique business, a light luxury hotel, science and innovation services, culture and recreation.

Covering an area of 41,000 square meters, the Guohua Life Shanghai-Putuo International Wellness Center project, is expected to officially open in mid-2024.

The planning and design of the project adheres to the requirements of “small scale, high density, humane”, forming a functional structure of “one core, one belt, two axes and multi pieces”.

The “one core” is the core of public activities in the area, combining the Wuwei Road subway station and the central green land; the “one belt” is the central green belt as an important public open space in the area; the “two axes” refers to the two waterfront recreational axes along the Lijiabang and Xinkai rivers; and “multi pieces” divide several functional areas at a spatial scale of 5 minutes’ walk to enhance the convenience of everyday life.

Taopu Smart City has also successfully completed the declaration of Shanghai’s 2023 Low Carbon Development Practice Area and has been selected as one of the city’s low carbon development practice areas.