Shanghai Putuo Supervision Institution of Health and Family Planning Commission

Shanghai Putuo Supervision Institution of Health and Family Planning Commission is the executive body of Putuo Health and Family Planning Commission to exercise health supervision function and an institution to supervise the public health and medical practice in the area of jurisdiction by the law. The institution sets up 8 departments as followings: Office of Party and Government, Department of Business and Legislative Affairs, Office of Medical Malpractice, Supervision Department of Public health, Supervision Department of Medical Practice Health, Supervision Department of Comprehensive Health, Supervision Department of Infectious Disease Prevention and Health, and Department of Verification and Certification.

It assumes responsibilities as followings: sanitation in public place, drinking water sanitation, radiological diagnosis and radiotherapy, acceptance and approval of application for administrative licensing in medical practice, safety record on secondary water-supply cleaning units and level 1 and level 2 biological laboratories, preventive health examination and completion acceptance for architectural design, registration for Grade I physicians and physicians from private and individual medical institutions; to carry out health supervision and law enforcement inspection to public places, schools and child care institutions, drinking water sanitation, disinfection products, radiation treatment, medical practice; to file a case, make investigation and obtain evidence according to laws and take necessary control actions and propose punishment opinions in view of the violations of health laws ,regulations and rules; to carry out health promotion and training to the public; to accept, investigate and handle complaints and reports; to investigate serious and unexpected events such as health pollution, poisoning accidents, epidemic situation of infectious diseases, obtain evidences and take necessary control actions and propose punishment opinions; to summarize, report and publish health supervision information; to implement the health supervision and management of medical institutions, medical practitioners, large medical equipment and new medical technology; to bear other tasks assigned by health administration departments.

The health Supervision Institution has consecutively received honorable titles such as Shanghai Health System Civilized Unit, Putuo District Civilized Unit and Putuo District Security Qualified Unit.

Address: No. 30, Lane 540 Beishi Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Post Code: 200333
Tel: 52831188
Complaints Tel: 52829766、962223