Shanghai Putuo Prevention and Control Center for Ophthalmological and Dental Disease

First built on Oct. 1st, 1958,Shanghai Putuo Prevention and Control Center for Ophthalmological and Dental Disease has become a Grade II ophthalmological and dental specialty medical institution integrating medical treatment, scientific research and disease prevention. It has been awarded the title of Shanghai Civilized Unit.

At present, the hospital owns advanced equipment such as oral digital X camera, Swiss ITI dental implant system, non-contact laser coherent optical measuring instrument, and fore vacuum high temperature /pressure sterilizing furnace as well as 36 sets of comprehensive dental treatment chairs.

In view of talents team, personnel with middle or high technical titles accounts for 64% of the total number of staff.

As a member unit of Chinese Stomatological Association and Shanghai Stomatological Association, the hospital has set up many medical technology departments such as departments for dental surgery, oral clinic, prosthodontics, orthodontics, prevention, dental implant,oral radiology and ophthalmology clinic, which covers all aspects of oral medical and health field and can satisfy different medical demands of patients at different levels. Current key business items include: precision attachments prostheses, CAD/CAM all-ceramic restoration, implant restoration and invisible orthodontic treatment.

Address: No.1, Lane 247, Changshou Road, Putuo District , Shanghai
Post Code: 200060
Tel: 62761076、62762336、62768870