Shanghai Putuo Maternity and Infant Health Hospital

Since October, 1965 when Shanghai Putuo Maternity and Infant Health Hospital was still in planning stage, the hospital has developed into a Grade II Class A specialized hospital integrating medical, health care and teaching, shouldering the tasks of medical and health services of women and children for more than 1 million permanent residents in the whole district.

The hospital is divided into two parts, the Clinical Section and the Maternity and Infants Health Care Center. The Clinical Section consists of departments of gynecology, obstetrics, neonatology, anesthesiology, family planning, medical technology and breast surgery. The hospital sets up general outpatient service, expert outpatient service and cervix outpatient service. The gynecology department mainly conducts the diagnosis and treatments of common gynecological diseases and difficult and complicated diseases, and takes the charge of medical tasks such as reproductive health, the diagnosis and treatments of gynecological diseases and neonatal diseases.

The Maternity and Children's Health Care Center is mainly responsible for the health care of women and infants family planning technology training, business guidance and obstetric quality management of the whole district. Its “2+1 Maternal and Infant Health Centre” has been dedicated to offering warm, convenient, and high quality maternal and infant health services over years.

Address: No.517 Tongpu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai (near Luding Road)
Post Code: 200062
Tel: 22202220