Introduction to Y2050 and Y2500 Future Museum

Introduction to Y2050 and Y2500 Future Museum

Red Star Macalline “Y2050 Museum” and “Y2500 Museum”, built by the designers of the Aichi World Expo and costing RMB300 million, display a vivid picture of our lives in 50 years and 500 years with the first-class electronic technology and latest sound, light and video technology.

Want to have a look at your home in 500 years? It sounds incredible, but Red Star Macalline did it! “Y2500 Museum” represents the world in the remote future through the whole space.

The museum is divided into three functional zones, namely, “Future in History”, “Universe Plaza” and “360 Degree Panoramic View”. With the machinery and computer civilization as the entrance, “Future in History”, which demonstrates the future depicted and practiced by human till now, epitomizes the development path of human’s imagination and the testimony of human’s constant progress. Here you can temporarily go back to the past and catch a glimpse of human’s persistence and exploration of the future concept. “Universe Plaza”, a kaleidoscope of light beam and colorful lights, will bring you to a mysterious world. This vast and deep space, composed of the residential space in the earth, sea and universe, implies that in the remote future, our daily lives will go beyond the space and we may live deep in the earth or in the universe.

“360-Degree Panoramic View”, a sphere with the diameter as high as a two-floor building, is the most splendid part of the whole exhibition installation. Standing on the overpass in the center of the sphere, you will see a full-screen view of human’s living environment in 2,500 years. The technology of forming a successive image in the sphere is the pioneering technology unveiled in the Japan Expo. Surrounded by the 360-degree panoramic view, the visitors in the center of the sphere, the audio-visual space, will hear the sound transmitted from foot to head and see the 3-dimensional future unfolded before your eyes. Red Star Macalline, from an international view point transcending time and space, masterminded the “home in future” for mankind’s residential ideal, in order to stockpile the cultural reserves, assume the historical responsibilities, witness the change of times and inherit and transmit its brand.

By adopting the state-of-the-art technology in the world, the unprecedented image in China will take you across the time and space and is worth trying. No life is eternal, yet we wish to see how the home in 500 years looks like. Hollywood and DreamWorks came out as everyone once dreamed of going to the future and prolonging our lives.

Che Jianxin, the dream maker, created the paradise of dream. Thanks to the modern technology, the experience of the home in 500 years, impossible in the past, has become possible. “Y2500 Museum” offers you a space journey and a face-to-face contact with the future.

Want to realize your dream of visiting your home in 500 years? Please come to Red Star Macalline Global Home Design Expo Center for a dream journey across the time.