About Shanghai Suzhou Creek Sightseeing Co., Ltd.

About Shanghai Suzhou Creek Sightseeing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Suzhou Creek Sightseeing Company Co., Ltd is the first to provide boat service for sightseeing Suzhou creek and with an effort to promote the establishment of ‘Suzhou creek cultural Corridor’, has introduced product mix including ‘aquatic sightseeing’ and ‘aquatic leisure’.

The company aims to integrate tour resources on both sides of the Huangpu River to form new tourist attractions with land-water interaction through its Suzhou creek sightseeing products. These efforts are intended to further perfect the industry chain and accelerate the development of the tourism industry of the Putuo District. It is hoped that a new image with a Suzhou creek culture will contribute to Putuo’s tourism industry.

The company is to make its Suzhou creek sightseeing products an important part of Shanghai’s symbiotic circle of expo tourism products – ‘Ocean, River, Lake’ Series.

During the 60th National Holiday in October 2009, about 200-day countdown to Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the trial voyage of the first sightseeing boat in Suzhou creek took place. The sightseeing boats are to be put into service at the beginning of the World Expo in year 2010.