Changfeng Ocean World

About Changfeng Ocean World

Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World, which was opened in April 1994 at the cost of 25 million dollars, is 13 meters under the surface of the Silver Shovel Lake in Changfeng Park. It is China’s first large-scale theme aquarium and the flagship tourist attraction of the Oceanis Australia Group, the world's largest aquarium owner and operator. Its product mix for marine sightseeing - aquarium and show stadium, as part of the park, has become a famous tourist attraction of Shanghai. It is the only theme park in East China which combines marine sightseeing with ecological leisure. It can even be called “Shanghai Ocean World”.

The aquarium is the only marine life-themed show stadium in China, which is home to thousands of creatures from oceans and rivers all over the world. It showcases a colorful and spectacular underwater world with animal shows such as fishes and sharks dancing together, deep ocean diving, otter comedy and so on. The Beluga Whale Show Stadium is one of the rare large-scale marine animals show stadiums in China, where marine stars such as sea lions, dolphins and beluga whales join together in performing original themed stage plays. Here, you can not only learn how lovely and smart these marine animals are, but also enjoy the artistic atmosphere they have created.

Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World has been receiving millions of tourists from all over the world every year and providing them with fresh and exciting experience of marine sightseeing.

  Eight features of Changfeng Ocean World:
  1.   product mix of marine sightseeing
  2.   various marine animals
  3.   marine artist from the polar region – beluga whales
  4.   original stage plays by marine animals
  5.   marine animals geniuses
  6.   the only theme marine aquarium in China
  7.   largest number of sharks
  8.   marine-themed leisure park

Changfeng Ocean World (Changfeng Park) has submitted application materials to Shanghai Tourism Bureau in the hope of meeting requirements for a national 4A grade tourism attraction.