History of Environmental Protection for Suzhou Creek

Suzhou Creek is a major river in Shanghai. The river rehabilitation lasted for 11 years (1998-2008), with a total investment of 14 billion Yuan. Through long-term tireless efforts, main streams of Suzhou Creek turned clean, giving off no odor in 2000. The major water quality indicators of urban part of Suzhou River have gradually improved since 2002, reaching the quality standard for ground water level V (water for scenery).

Mengqing Park, located on the southern bank of Suzhou River, is the first flowing water park of Shanghai and one of the key projects of Phrase II rehabilitation of Suzhou Creek, which vividly presents the process of rehabilitating the creek and technologies for eco-environmental protection. Today, the regulation of Suzhou River, the establishment of “Mengqing Park” and other riverside greens and parks, as well as the close-to-water shorelines not only improve the citizen’s living environment, but also turn Suzhou River into an ideal urban ecological residential quarter integrating leisure and sightseeing. History of Environmental Protection for Suzhou Creek

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