1Zhenru Temple

Zhenru Temple Zhenru Temple, located in the north of Zhentu Town, is an important historical monument under special preservation

2Introduction to Y2050 and Y2500 Future Museum

Introduction to Y2050 and Y2500 Future Museum Red Star Macalline “Y2050 Museum” and “Y2500 Museum”, built by the designers

3Shanghai Textile Museum

Shanghai Textile Museum Overview of Shanghai Textile Museum: Planed in July 2002 and initiated in November 2007, the Shanghai

4M50 Creative Park

M50 Creative Park Located at No.50 Moganshan Road on the south bank of Suzhou Creek, Putuo District, M50 Creative Park, one

5About Shanghai Suzhou Creek Sightseeing Co., Ltd.

About Shanghai Suzhou Creek Sightseeing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Suzhou Creek Sightseeing Company Co., Ltd is the first to provide

6Changfeng Ocean World

About Changfeng Ocean World Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World, which was opened in April 1994 at the cost of 25 million dollars,

7Changfeng Park

Changfeng Park, a nice place for recreation and amusement, is located in the western part of urban Shanghai. It has been

8History of Environmental Protection for Suzhou

Suzhou Creek is a major river in Shanghai. The river rehabilitation lasted for 11 years (1998-2008), with a total investment

9Salvaging and re-using national industrial warehouses

As an important tributary of the Huangpu River, the Suzhou River, a.k.a the Wusong River, has witnessed the literal "sea

10Putuo Sports Center

Covering an area of 33,000 m2, Putuo Sports Center is equipped with basic facilities including office buildings, outdoor