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1. Application Qualifications

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens, over 6 and under 18 years old (from Grade 6 to Grade 12), in good health, and have a legal guardian.


2. Application Period

To attend school in September of each autumn, please apply for enrolment before June 30.

To attend school in February of each Spring, please apply for enrolment before December 31.

To attend school in the middle of each semester, please contact the admission office.


3. The curricula

1)、Primary School curriculum is based on the Chinese National Curriculum Standards. It is carefully designed as its own ‘Dynamic Growth Course’, and includes courses concerning life experience, basic learning abilities, and motivation. The dynamic course is a three-part way of development: in addition to studying and creatively fulfilling the national curriculum, we especially emphasise the PBL (Project Based Learning) style and STEM courses. These develop each student's learning potential fully, raise the students’ good study habits, and help each one become a whole person. Thomas students develop their intellectual abilities and moral integrity through this international perspective.


2)、Middle School builds on a ‘one axis and two wings’ curriculum system. This is based on the National Curriculum, as well as courses for career planning, personal development, and creative inquiry. The transfer and extension of inquiry courses such as PBL (Project Based Learning) and STEM courses are key to our approach. We make plans with each student’s study goal, class schedule, and personal evaluation in mind, and we particularly pay attention to their intellectual development in all areas. This wide-ranging approach helps our children become virtuous, knowledgeable, and creative. Thomas students graduate with cultural pride, international vision, a sound personality, and a love for life.


3)、Senior High School curriculum covers a range of options, including the Chinese National General Senior High School curriculum, and the Senior High School integration curriculum. The integrated curriculum includes the ‘English Reserve Program’ for high achieving students, and the Savannah Art and Design Program. Additionally, the ‘Fabulinus Project’ is supported by the China Selection Centre at Cambridge University, corresponding to the national ‘strong base plan’ as the country is in need of high-end talent training projects. Our students’ main targets of education are the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge as well as other G5 universities in the world. Our training mode adopts selection, centralised training in China, and then selection to study in well-known overseas universities (Oxford, Cambridge, etc.) Other curricula include British A Levels, American Advanced Placement, and the unique American Advanced Placement, and the unique Ambright International Artist programme. This Art programme is based on an integrated curriculum, offering art courses for students who are accepted to Thomas and who can then receive a pre-admission letter from the highly respected Savannah College of Art and Design at the same time. The High School also offers opportunities, special projects and rich club activities for PBL (Project Based Learning), STEAM.


4. Application process

1)Interview: Students attend an admission interview.

2)Entrance Admission: If applicants pass the interview, they will receive an admission letter and registration

3)Entrance Registration: Submit materials and complete payment of tuition and other fees.


5. Application materials

1)A photocopy of the graduation certificate or study certificate from the previous school.

2)An official transcript from the applicant’s current school for the past year.

3)Medical/health certificate by any public hospital.

4)A photocopy of the notarised certificate of the guardian.

5)4 photos (passport-size photos)

6)Copies of residence permit.


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