Prospectus for International Students of Shanghai Cao Yang No. 2 High School

November 03, 2021 |

1. Applicant Eligibility

Applicants should be citizens of Germany, Austria, Switzerland (German-speaking Community) or Italy; aged between 15 and 18 (i.e., senior one to senior three); good physical health; having a legal guardian within the territory of China; and having a certain foundation in Chinese with at least passing through HSK Level 1 Examination.

2. Application Deadline 

Applicants shall enroll in September every year and submit an enrollment application before February 1 of that year.

3. Class Rules and Regulations 

International students will study with Chinese students in regular classes and use Chinese textbooks. Besides, the school offers extra Chinese courses.

4. Application Procedure 

1) Email contact

2) Interview

Applicants will accept face-to-face interviews with our teachers.

3) Admission permit

Applicants who successfully pass the interview will receive a Letter of Offer from our school.

4) Enrollment registration

Applicants shall bring the Letter of Offer and other application materials to our school within the specified time. Meanwhile, they need to pay related expenses  including the tuition fee of RMB 3,000/year and the accommodation fee of RMB1,500/year.

5. Application Materials 

1) Copy of the diploma or study certificate issued by the original school;

2) Official transcripts of the applicant's current school in the past year;

3) Medical/health certificate of any public hospital;

4) Copy of notarized certificate of the guardian;

5) Copy of applicant's passport;

6) Copy of passport of applicant's parents;

7) Copy of overseas travel insurance or other insurance certificates; and

8) Parents' Informed Consent


Please contact us for further information.

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