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November 07, 2016 |

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Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School is a documentary which was broadcasted by BBC in last August. In this documentary, a unique educational experiment was conducted, five teachers from China took over the education of fifty teenagers in a Hampshire school to see whether the high-ranking Chinese education system can teach us a lesson. At the end of the documentary, the students took a test as an assessment, and guess what? Under the Chinese teachers' pedagogy, students who were taken by the Chinese teachers have got much better scores in the tests.


Indeed, results of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2009 and 2012 have shown that Chinese students rank the first in math, reading and science tests, which was way much better than the results of British kids. Our education seems to be perfect, and with such education, our kids can get really good scores in tests. But is education only about scores? Does a good test score really mean a good education?


Tony Wagner, an Expert In Residence of Harvard University once said that: "The world nolonger cares how much our graduates know... What the world cares about is not what our students know but what they can do with what they know." Thus, to provide more diversifed education for our next generation, leaders and educators in Peijia have launched the MYP program since 2013, and now it has become one of the pioneer programs in Shanghai. Different from other international programs, the MYP program  in Peijia integrates the IB teaching philosophy and the local Chinese curriculum, which is more balanced in many ways. Features of Peijia MYP program can be summarized as follows:


First and foremost, knowledge and action are going hand in hand in our classes.

"Integrating knowledge and action" is one of the traditional Chinese philosophies initially mentioned in the Ming Dynasty. In our classes, knowledge is not only the words in the textbooks and exercises on test papers but also something to scaffold the students to solve problems in real life and to create new things. Learning is not only the happiness of getting a high score in tests but also the joy from every achievement of making things happen.


Moreover, we have diversified ways of class and assessment

In MYP classes here, classroom is no longer as fixed with a teacher on the stage and students sitting in rows but rather in more diversified ways.


Last but not least, our class is a platform for students to show their talents. Here I would like to share some of our students' works.


Educators and teaching professionals here treat the students as independent beings who are creative in their own ways. Sometimes I think that maybe we are not only "teaching", but aslo making a place where knowledge can meet with students' creativity. We hope all our kids can grow into a knowledgble, balanced, principled and open-minded adults who can make the world a better place.










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