Introduction to Shanghai Wanlicheng Experimental School

July 15, 2023 |

Formerly known as Pingli Road No. 2 Primary School in Putuo District founded in 1992, Shanghai Wanlicheng Experimental School is a public nine-year-system school. In September 2011, on request by the Putuo District Education Bureau to set up the layout, it was renamed Shanghai Wanlicheng Experimental School, with two campuses on Xinquan Road and Lingshi Road. There are nine grades, 57 classes, nearly 2,100 students, and 182 staff members.

With the efforts of all teachers and students, the school has won the National Youth Campus Volleyball Sports Traditional Characteristic School, the Shanghai Green School, the Shanghai Safe and Civilized School, the Shanghai OM (Odyssey of the Mind) Featured Project School, the Shanghai Standard School Governed by Law, the Zero-Carbon School of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Green Digital Development Research Center, the New Quality School of Putuo District, the Civilized Campus of Putuo District, the Sun Sports Advanced School of Putuo District, the Advanced Collective Integrating Physical Education and Sports at Putuo District and other honorary titles. In 2021, the school became a member of the Jinyuan Senior High School Education Group.

The school is fundamentally targeted to foster talents and morality and adheres to the education philosophy of Laying the Basis for Students' Happy Life. Led by the motto of Seeking Truth, Looking to Goodness and Beautifulness, and Practicing diligently, Wanli's educational philosophy, namely Measured Management, Forceful Team, Effective Education, and Warm Nurturing, is ceaselessly rising.

The school enhances its management effectiveness through the four-tier management model, i.e., setting goals, building a comprehensive system, improving processes, and continuing improvements. The school enhances the training for team building, changes classroom teaching to improve the competence, transforms the learning style and nurtures featured projects through implementing the "four" research and training approaches including moral cultivation by oneself, truth pursuit for oneself, appropriate method of research and study spirit, as well as all aspects of the harmonious achievement of wisdom, so as to continuously promote the development of school education to a higher quality. In recent years, in particular, the school has focused on changes in teaching and learning styles, and has carried out interdisciplinary project-based research to move knowledge transfer towards inquiry-based learning. Participatory teaching is practiced to trigger deeper thinking, allowing wise teaching to make good learning.

By virtue of cultural nourishment, activity experience, environmental edification, and other means, the moral education strategy of "Knowledge and Action in Unity" has been condensed. The moral education series of courses, such as Living with Love, Little Feet to College, and School-based Discipline Curriculum have been gradually formed and effectively implemented. It has steadily strengthened, refined, and optimized the featured programs in art, sports, science, and technology by integrating all kinds of resources, creating a diversified development platform, and combining the six-dimensional literacy assessment on competencies and values.

Wanlicheng Experimental School vibrantly and sustainably progresses thanks to the advanced concept, rich cultural atmosphere, and a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the school. The school will continue to uphold the spirit, namely "righteousness, universality, magnanimity and excellence", of education in Putuo in the new era, be drawn by the "14th Five-Year Plan" for education, focus on the internal development, and improve school quality, striving to become a well-known "good school at the doorstep" in Putuo District and even in Shanghai.