School Affiliated to Jinyuan Senior High School

July 15, 2023 |

Founded in 1999, the School Affiliated to Jinyuan Senior High School (hereinafter referred to as the "School Affiliated to Jinyuan") has been hosted by Shanghai Jinyuan Senior High School (experimental and demonstration senior high school) since 2002. It is a public nine-year-system school in Putuo District. In December 2018, it was divided into the School Affiliated to Jinyuan and the School Affiliated to Jinyuan West Campus. In September 2021, Mingxiang School was merged into the School Affiliated to Jinyuan as the School Affiliated to Jinyuan South Campus. The three schools are now achieving culture and education integration in identity.

The school has always been adhering to the educational philosophy of "Achievement of mutual growth and success for oneself and others", the school spirit of "Harmony built by the best personality & excellence forged by self-improvement", as well as the development strategy of "Establishment by culture, development by quality, and strengthening by specialties". Under the school motto "There is only one way to success, and that is-Preparation!", the school has realized leapfrog development after more than twenty years of unremitting efforts, becoming the largest integrated school in Putuo District.

Education is to achieve comprehensive human development. The school strives to strengthen the connotation build-up and proactively develops the four series of "Educational cultivation of human" curricula, namely, "Behaving morally, learning well, working smartly and staying healthy", to continuously meet the comprehensive and individualized development of students. The quality school-based courses cover dance, wind music, chorus, drama, polymer clay, paper quilling, badminton, martial arts, ping-pong, innovation and green environmental protection, radio, robotics, car and ship modeling, K12 engineering, etc. It is well known in Shanghai basic education circles.

In recent years, the school has been awarded the International Eco-School Green Flag Unit, the National Outstanding Young Pioneers Collective, the National Aesthetic Education Model Unit, the Aesthetic Education Research Advanced Unit under the 13th Five-Year Plan, the National Advanced Unit of Humanities and Aesthetic Literacy Education, the National Model School of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture for Early and Pilot Implementation, the National Primary and Secondary Schools Traditional Dance School, the National Model Orchestra, the National Characteristics of the School Campus Youth Football, the Shanghai New Quality Program School, the Shanghai Advanced School Governed by Law, the Shanghai Outstanding Young Pioneer Large-team (i.e. Shanghai Red Flag Team), the Shanghai Safe and Civilized Campus, the Shanghai Family Education Model School, the Shanghai Art Education Characteristic School, the Shanghai Student Dance, Chorus, Symphony and Drama Union Unit, the China Shanghai International Arts Festival Art Education Cooperative School, the Member of Shanghai Campus Athletics League, the Shanghai Radio Specialized Education School, the Shanghai Municipal Academy of Education Universal Education Institute Base School, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Teaching and Research Office Teaching and Learning Collaborative Union Unit, the Shanghai "Scholarly Campus" Base School, the Shanghai Campus Culture Development "One School & One Cultural Brand" Characteristic School, and other honors.

In the meantime, the school, as a quality brand school in the urban area, engaged by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, has undertaken three rounds of engaged management of weak compulsory education schools in rural suburbs. The school in its own rapid growth at the same time, gives full play to a better radiation leading role and has won the honorary title of Advanced Collective in the Engaged Management of Rural Compulsory Education Schools in the Rural Suburbs of Shanghai.