Shanghai Cosco Experimental School

November 15, 2022 |

Established in 2002, Shanghai Cosco Experimental School is a nine-year high quality school, which is located by the beautiful Suzhou Creek, on the west side of the super large community Cosco Two Bay City. In the past 20 years, the school has always been committed to providing satisfactory education to the people of Putuo. Adhering to the school motto of "learning and pursuing truth and excellence" and the philosophy of “Let every student achieve success in joy and achieve excellent development on the solid foundation", the school gathers a team of excellent teachers mainly composed of young and middle-aged backbone teachers, focuses on the core task of students' cultivation based on the cultivation of core qualities, constructs curriculum based on the integration of curriculum, cultivates teachers based on the professional advancement of teachers, and strengthens the cultivation of culture based on the sustainable development of the school to create an excellent campus culture and the spiritual home for teachers and students to grow together. The school has been widely recognized and affirmed by all teachers, students, parents and the society for its solid standard, light burden, high efficiency and balanced quality. It has won various awards at all levels and is one of the first good schools publicized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.