Shanghai Meilong Middle School

November 15, 2022 |

Founded in 1964, Shanghai Meilong Middle School is a public junior high school that was built along with the first workers’ new village—— Caoyang New Village.

The school has rich experience in running schools. From 1997 to 2007, it was transformed into an experimental private school. In 2007, it turned back to a public school. There are now 212 faculty members, including 1 senior teacher, 21 associate senior teachers, 100 first-grade teachers, 92 masters or above, over 2,000 students in 47 classes.

During the 58 years of development, the school has adopted the philosophy of “passion for learning, generosity, independence, general education”, implements the development strategy of “learning change, cultivating talents, improving teachers and students”, and focuses on team construction and talents project.

Focusing on the professional development of teachers and discipline construction, the school has cultivated a group of excellent teachers over the years including He Wei’an, one of the first special-grade teachers in Shanghai, Chu Junhao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as Wei Hongguang, the Shanghai special-grade principal and senior teacher. With nearly 30,000 graduates, the school’s alumni spread all over Shanghai experimental demonstration high schools and well-known universities at home and abroad, and are active in all walks of life. The school continues to explore the all-round development of high-quality features and enjoys a wide range of excellent social reputation.

The school has been awarded "Shanghai Civilized Unit" for three consecutive years and "Shanghai Civilized Campus" for two consecutive years. It has been awarded the "Shanghai May 1st Labor Award", the first batch of "Shanghai Model School Governed by Law", "Shanghai New Quality School", "Shanghai School of Professional Development of Teachers", "Shanghai Safe and Civilized Campus", "Shanghai Demonstration Unit of Safety", "Shanghai Garden Unit", "Shanghai Advanced Collective of Greening", "Shanghai Advanced Unit of Physical and Intellectual Education", "International Ecological School", "National Defense Education Characteristic School" and other more than 100 honors on national, city and district levels.