An Shi Experimental Middle School

November 03, 2021 |

Originated from "Longmen Academy" in Shanghai, An Shi Experimental Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music is an ordinary secondary school with a history of more than 100 years and good retention of the historical development context of Shanghai education. In May 2003, the Putuo District Government of Shanghai cooperated with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to jointly build a school with the characteristics of "music aesthetic education". In the process of development, the characteristics of "music aesthetic education" have progressively become the best combination of various resources allocation of the school and the source of happy study and life for teachers and students. In 2020, the school was named the "Shanghai Characteristic Ordinary High School" by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Education.

Guided by the core culture of "Harmony & Appreciation Thought", the school has put forward the core idea of "loving music and wisdom" and the vision of "Dedicating to living an educational life with music" to guide all teachers and students to abide by the school motto of "pursuing harmony of music and aesthetics". With the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty of "educating students with music", the school is also committed to realizing the supreme objective of "creating music based on integrity and understanding truth based on harmonious music". As a characteristic ordinary high school in Shanghai, the school is constantly developing and expanding its educational values. Driven by these great efforts, the characteristic value of "music aesthetic education" will surely usher in a brighter and broader future.

Over the years, the school has won a series of honorary titles, such as the Model School of China's Sustainable Development Education Project recognized by UNESCO, the National Advanced School Aesthetic Education Unit, Shanghai Civilized Campus, Shanghai Safe and Civilized Campus, etc. In addition, the school has also been awarded a wide range of honorary titles, including Shanghai Characteristic Ordinary High School, Shanghai Model School with Governing the School According to Law, Shanghai Advanced Collective of National Defense Education, Shanghai Characteristic School with "One School One Brand" for Campus Culture Construction of General Education System, Shanghai Excellent Teaching and Learning base for "Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage on Campus", Shanghai Advanced Unit of Community Education, and Shanghai Outstanding Student Associations, etc.

In retrospect of the history of the school from Longmen Academy and Shanghai An Ting Normal School to the present Characteristic High School with "music aesthetic education", the development of the school has always witnessed the development of the times and deeply resonated with the people's expectation for education. In short, implementing the fundamental task of "fostering character and civic virtue" and cultivating socialist successors with all-around development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor is always the guideline and sacred mission of every one at An Shi Experimental Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


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