Shanghai Taopu Middle School

November 03, 2021 |

Founded in 1965, Shanghai Taopu Middle School covers an area of 16,955 square meters with a total floor area of 21,264 square meters. At present, there are 26 classes, nearly 900 students and 103 faculty members in the school. In 2017, the overhauled and reformed school acquired a completely new outlook. During the 56 years since its establishment, the school has won a wide range of honorary titles including the Fifth National Advanced School of Harmonious Campus, the Collaborative Innovation Experimental School of Youth Legal Education of the Ministry of Education, the National Defense Characteristic School of the Ministry of Education, the Shanghai Civilized Campus, the Shanghai Model School of Governing Schools by Law, and the Shanghai Sports Traditional Project School. Meanwhile, the school also was awarded several honorary titles of bases above the municipal level, including the Experimental school of China's Sustainable Development Education Project recognized by UNESCO, the Demonstration Campus Meteorological Station of the National Meteorological Science Popularization Education Base, the Wisdom Education Experimental School of the Ministry of Education, and the Pilot School of Shanghai's New Science and Technology Innovation Curriculum Platform for Primary and Secondary schools.

Adhering to the school-running philosophy of "student-centered and teacher-oriented", the school strictly complies with the school motto of "Striving for Virtue and Knowledge, Integrating Knowledge and Practice", and adheres to the educational philosophy of "three people" (the people who are Chinese, modern and healthy). In the decades of exploration, the school has gradually established a student-oriented education concept, a teacher-oriented management concept and a school-oriented development concept. As a secondary school, we always strive to create a campus atmosphere full of vitality and respect for personality, providing students with diversified learning space from a series of aspects including traditional culture, modern technology and future life. Meanwhile, by establishing a brand-new teacher-student relationship that can give full play to students' subjective consciousness and initiative spirit, we are also committed to providing a good educational environment for cultivating modern citizens with national spirit, legal literacy, innovative ability and social responsibility.



Address: No. 286, Hongmian Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China (Taopu Xincun Station of Shanghai Rail Transit Line 11)


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