Shanghai Jinyuan Senior High School

October 16, 2020 |



Shanghai Jinyuan Senior High School is an old school with glorious traditions and a history of over 100 hundred years. Its predecessor was the Public School for Chinese Children, which was established in 1904. It was renamed “Shanghai Municipal Jinyuan High School” in memory of the patriotic general Xie Jinyuan after the victory of the Anti–Japanese War in 1945.In 1960, Jinyuan High School was listed as one of the key high schools in Shanghai. It was relocated and rebuilt in 1999, and has been one of the first “Shanghai Experimental Model Senior High Schools” ever since.

The present school is located in a quiet beautiful ecological environment, covers an area of more than 140 mu and has advanced teaching facilities with complete functions. Itis known for its strong teaching staff, rigorous teaching style, and excellent teaching quality. In its history, Hu Shi, Li Huaishuang, Yu Huaiqing, Zheng Yimei and other celebrities once worked as teachers in this school. For 110 years, it has cultivated a great many outstanding talents, among whom are Ding Guangen, Zhang Chengzong, Tang Taoand Yu Qiuyu, and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jiang Xikui, Wen Shilie, He Yousheng, Xiang Haifan and Han Dakuang.

Jinyuan sticks to the educational thought of SelectionEducation” and the school-running philosophy of Learning to choose, activelearning and overall development”. It takes Beboth an eager learner and doer of deeds; be patriotic and serve the country as its school motto, carries out the education mode of “set-menu-style curricula, flexible classroom teaching and the credit system, and cultivates the cultural spirits of “harmony, all-embracing, cooperation, initiative, striving for the first class and pursuing excellence”. Every school activity is an exploring course, an innovative classroom, and a self-development opportunity; therefore, every student can receive qualityeducation, experience the joy of success, and develop to the full.

Jinyuan has established friendly relationships with schools in more than 10countries, among which are the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, India, New Zealand etc. It has signed cooperation and construction agreement with Tongji University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. It is designated by the Ministry of Education as the base for “shadow principal training program and the teachers research and training base for the national curriculum reform program”.