Shanghai Yichuan High School

October 16, 2020 |

       Shanghai Yichuan High School was founded in 1957. With hard work over the past half century, the school has fully implemented quality education and accomplished great achievements. In 1999, the former Vice Premier Li Lanqing inspected our school. In September 2005, Yichuan was entitledShanghai Experimental and Demonstration High School.


  Among the faculty, there are2superfine teachers, 2 candidates for Excellent Young Teachers in the Fundamental Education System, 2 candidates for the Training Project of Famous Principals and Teachers of the Shanghai Fundamental Education System, 2 academic leaders and 19 core teachers of Putuo District.

Yichuan High School has achieved a number of honorary awards, including Model school of the UNESCO ESD Program, International Eco-School, the National May 1st Labor Medal, National Experimental School for Modern Educational Technology, National Aesthetic Education Experimental School, and National Advanced School of Art Education. Ithas won about 50 honors at municipal level, including Shanghai Model Unit for 11 times, the first Municipal Conduct Demonstration School, Shanghai Green School and Experimental School for Mental Health Education.

  Guided by the Student-oriented Concept and Harmonious Development, Yichuan offers students various courses and colorful activities so that students can have a diversified growing experience and thus develop into elites. In fact, students from Yichuan have made remarkable achievements in municipal and national contests in science, arts, sports and other fields. Since the establishment of Yichuan High School, there has emerged a large number of outstanding alumni, including Olympic Champion Liu Xiang, World Simulation Model Champion and Master Model Maker Wu Like, winner of the China Science Association Prize Zheng Hao, famous actor Wang Zhiwen, No. 1 Scholar of Liberal Arts of Shanghai College Entrance Examination Li Shengsi, winner of Shanghai Top Ten Young LawyersHuang Rongnan.


Shanghai Yichuan High School