The 22nd Cherry Blossom Festival Activity by Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School

April 10, 2023 |

The closing ceremony of the 22nd "Cherry Blossom Festival" of Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School (hereinafter referred to as Ganquan Middle School) was held as scheduled on the afternoon of March 31, 2023. Foreign friends from the Consulate Generals of Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Laos in Shanghai, the Education Section of the Spanish Embassy in China, the Japan Gunma Prefectural Government Office in Shanghai, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd., Casio (China) Trading Co., Ltd., Pental Stationery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Japanese School, Lycée Français de Shanghai and other friendly organizations, as well as honored guests from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission International Exchange Office, the International Education Association Shanghai, Putuo District Party Committee United Front Work Department, Putuo District Education Work Party Committee and Education Bureau, Shanghai Moral Education Research Association High School Specialized Committee and other institutions gathered together to celebrate the event.

The Cherry Blossom Festival, themed "Blossomed cherry again ushering in a new future for Ganquan Middle School", highlighted that the teachers and students of the school, after a long-awaited embracement with the Cherry Blossom Festival, cherished the hard-won development. The fruitful development of the school's characteristics was presented at the closing ceremony in the form of co-performance between teachers and students as well as Chinese and foreign friends.

The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Japanese language education at the school, the 2023 20th anniversary of the Foreign Students Department, and the 2024 70th anniversary of the school. 20, 50, and 70, these ordinary and extraordinary numbers, witness the school's past and growth. President Yang Yun, said fondly in his speech: "Cherry Blossom Festival recorded the fruitful achievements of the school vigorously implementing Five Disciplines, witnessed it struggling to firmly catch up with the characteristics development road, and become a card to brighten the campus culture."

Hu Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Putuo Education Affairs, Luan Xuelian, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission International Exchange Office, Bao Yuquan, Deputy Director General of Putuo District Education Bureau, and Pu Hong, General Party Branch Secretary of Ganquan Middle School, co-stated to unveil the 20th anniversary monument of the Department, which symbolically and officially launched the wonderful one-year activities and signified that the Foreign Students Department would take the 20th anniversary as a new starting point to cultivate more excellent students with Ganquan (Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School) features.

The 22nd Cherry Blossom Festival has successfully ended, but the journey for all teachers and students at Ganquan Middle School to concentrate their efforts to innovate and forge ahead has just kicked off. In the coming days, teachers and students at Ganquan Middle School will continually rise to the challenges, and courageously work hard, overwhelmingly contributing to the school's educational and teaching reforms in the new era, and writing a magnificent chapter of the development road of school characteristics!