Putuo Education Appears at the 20th Shanghai Eduexpo in 2023!

November 10, 2023 |

On September 15, the 20th Shanghai Eduexpo in 2023 opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. With the theme of “Working Together to Create a First-Class Urban Education and Building the Dream of Developing China into a Powerful Country in Education”, this three-day Eduexpo will fully demonstrate the vitality and outstanding achievements that Shanghai has made in education development. Putuo District Education Bureau, Putuo District Xunyang Road Primary School, and No.2 Experimental School Affiliated To Shanghai Normal University participated in the exhibition.

With its booth located in the regional education exhibition area, Putuo Education exhibits its practices and achievements on six fronts, including “building foundation, forging inner strength, and inspiring our students”, “good education for young children and building a brand”, “high-quality and balanced development with characteristic education”, “diversified development of high-quality”, “building ranks of tiered faculty”, and “suitable education for effective results”. The booth comprehensively showcases the achievements of Putuo Education in recent years under the guidance of the core concept of “providing suitable education for every student to help them develop into a well-conducted person and have a brilliant life”, by adhering to fostering virtue through education and promoting the five educations (i.e., moral education, intellectual education, physical education, aesthetic education, and labor education) simultaneously. Putuo Education has witnessed the continuous improvement of school running conditions, the continuous emergence of advanced teacher models, and the continuous optimization of the educational development environment.

On the opening day of the Eduexpo, teachers from the Putuo District Youth Education Activity Center led students to experience the “Homemade Microscope” science and technology innovation course. In the simulation experiment, students are given a chance to understand the magnification principle of the microscope with tools such as mobile phones and focal-length glass beads. This is a good way to master scientific knowledge through hands-on practice.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the upgrading of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Integrated Development into a national strategy. Against the drop, this year's Eduexpo has specially set up a theme exhibition area of “Good Schools at the Doorstep of the Yangtze River Delta”, to intensively display the school-running concepts and characteristics of 10 schools from Shanghai Municipality, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, and Anhui Province. Xunyang Road Primary School in Putuo District participated in the exhibition as a representative, which shared its achievements in constructing a “disciplinary and comprehensive” curriculum system, implementing a national curriculum, and building a good school at the doorstep of ordinary people, with a theme of “Twenty-five Years of Creative Implementation of the National Curriculum on the Xunyang Road”, and from the three dimensions of “sunshine garden”, “Xunyang Road” and “Radiation Sharing”. At the scene, the school also displayed its original IP hand-held fan, on which the cute “Xunxun” and “Meimei” patterns are designed by the school’s students, vividly demonstrating the remarkable results of the school's aesthetic education work.

The booth of No.2 Experimental School Affiliated To Shanghai Normal University is located in the “Good Schools at the Doorstep of Shanghai” exhibition area, which is used to intensively display the new look of high-quality development of primary and secondary schools in the compulsory education stage. As a seed experimental school for the Three-Year Action Plan for Shanghai Compulsory Education Project-Based Learning (2020-2022), the school has demonstrated its school-running philosophy, school-running goals, basic situation, and the latest graduate image design through the three major sections of “School Overall Introduction”, “Project-Based Learning Introduction” and “Interactive Experience”, reflecting the school’s experience and practices accumulated in curriculum reform and other aspects over the years. “This is a series of research processes and results of our participation in the exit guidance design of Changfeng Park.” At the exhibition hall, students from the school introduced the results of project-based learning to visitors through graphic and text displays, on-site explanations, and other methods.

During the Eduexpo, teams of teachers and students from Putuo District’s Xunyang Road Primary School, No.2 Experimental School Affiliated To Shanghai Normal University, Putuo District Youth Education Activity Center, and Shanghai Caoyang Vocational School will also carry out on-site display activities such as “Homemade Shell Incense Expanding Stones”, “Zoologist Experience”, “DIY Mobile Phone Holder”, and “Chinese and Western Pastry Making”, in which visitors will be invited to experience the charm of the integration of modern technology and traditional culture.