Pay Tribute to “Exemplary Teachers of the Times” and “Reliable Dream Builder”! Putuo District Education System Held Theme Activities to Celebrate the 39th Teachers’ Day

September 11, 2023 |

On the morning of September 7, the Putuo District education system held a themed event to celebrate the 39th Teachers’ Day. Before the event, Jiang Dongdong, Secretary of the CPC District Committee, Xiao Wengao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC District Committee and District Mayor, Tan Shangwei, Director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, Hang Chunfang, Chairman of the District CPPCC, Zhou Yan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC District Committee, Wang Jue, Deputy District Mayor, and some other officials visited the outstanding teacher representatives of the district education system, sent them blessings, and took group photos with them. Attendees also included the Party and government leaders of the district education bureau, bureau cadres, Party and government leaders of various grassroots units, and teacher representatives. Educational units across the District also simultaneously watched the event through online live-streaming platforms.

Jiang Dongdong, on behalf of the CPC District Committee, District People's Congress, District Government, and District CPPCC, expressed warm congratulations to the advanced individuals who were commended, and extended holiday greetings to teachers and educators across the District. He said that in recent years, Putuo District has firmly prioritized the development of education and promoted multiple breakthroughs in comprehensive reforms in the education field. Thanks to these efforts, the District has seen significant, high-quality, and balanced improvements in education level, witnessed a stream of educational highlights, and achieved comprehensively proven and gratifying educational reform and development results. He also emphasized that at present, the basic, leading, and overall status and role of education have better stood out. Mr. Jiang called on the teachers in the District to resolutely implement the fundamental task of “fostering character and civic virtue”, persist in educating students with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and guide students to establish firm ideals and beliefs and listen to and follow the Party. Efforts also need to be made to comprehensively promote high-quality education development and accelerate the modernization of the education governance system and governance capabilities in Putuo, thus further shining the District’s education brand. Measures should also be taken to build a strong rank of “reliable teachers”, carefully organize and carry out thematic education, and guide teachers to better perform their sacred duties. We also need to create a better teaching environment and security system, and vigorously promote the social trend of respecting teachers and valuing education, to make teachers highly respected.

Hu Jun delivered a speech on behalf of the CPC Putuo District Education Work Committee and the Putuo Education Bureau. She extended greetings to teachers and educators across the District and summarized and reviewed the education results achieved in Putuo this year in terms of high-quality and balanced development, education quality improvement, and teacher team building. She encouraged all “reliable” educators to cultivate their moral character, devote themselves to their studies, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, strive to become “exemplary teachers” who shape students' character, conduct, and taste, and act as dream builders of the Chinese nation's “Dream Team”, to make new and greater contributions to Putuo's economic and social development and help build the District into a dynamic district of innovative development and a good quality district with a happy life.

Zhao Ping, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Putuo District Education Work Committee and Director of the Putuo Education Bureau, read out the “Commendation List of Advanced Individuals in the Putuo District Education System’s Celebration of the 39th Teachers' Day.” At the event site, a group of advanced model teachers including the 2023 Shanghai Education Meritorious Persons were commended.

Teachers and students from Shanghai Jinyuan Senior High School and Xunyang Road Primary School presented the scene storytelling themed “Choosing Education to Light up Life” and “Letting Education to Create More Beautiful and Diversified World”. They vividly interpreted the stories of two outstanding educators, Zhu Naimei and Ji Hongxu. The former is the Party Branch Secretary and Principal of Xunyang Road Primary School, who won the title of 2023 Shanghai Education Meritorious Person. The latter is the party branch secretary and principal of Shanghai Jinyuan Senior High School, who won the 2023 Shanghai Education Meritorious Person Nomination Award.

Teachers are encouraged to teach students based on their aptitude, improve their own teaching abilities while enabling students to make progress, abide by professional ethics, and behave appropriately. The 8th “Good Teachers in My Mind (Top Ten)” activity of the Putuo District education system paid tribute to the “reliable” dream builders through the scene recitation of “Reliable Teachers to Build Dreams for the Future”.

The Faculty Dance Troupe of the District education system performed a wonderful modern dance named “Dream” to show the deeds of “reliable” educators who are devoted to education and strive to realize the dream of building China into a powerful country in education.

The Faculty Drama Troupe of the District education system performed an original musical named “Gelsang Flowers in Bloom”, which tells the touching stories of the system's cadres and teachers in their three-year voluntary teaching work in Tibet.

An honorable retirement ceremony for veteran teachers was held at the event. Hu Jun and Zhao Ping presented flowers to representatives of veteran teachers who retired honorably this year.

Zhang Shaobo, a national outstanding teacher, a model of teaching and educating in Shanghai, and a teacher from Shanghai Jinyuan Senior High School, led the new teacher representatives to take the oath.

This themed celebration activity came to an end with two chorus performances of “So Many People in the World” and “Reliable Teachers” presented by the Party And Government Cadre Choir of the District education system. “Reliable Teachers” is a song tailor-made for this year's Teacher's Day and Putuo teachers, which encourages “reliable” educators to bravely shoulder their responsibilities and missions, break new ground, and brave the wind and the waves.

During the Month of Teacher Ethics and Moral Construction, in addition to the themed celebration, the Putuo District education system also adopted a raft of measures such as concentrated learning and education on teacher ethics, a series of promotional activities themed “Good Teachers around Me”, and the introduction of a notification and warning system for teachers' moral misconducts. These measures aim to promote advanced figures and deeds, clarify disciplines, create a strong atmosphere within the entire education system, encourage all teachers to emulate those better than themselves, and uphold and put into practice the principle of “ethics come first in teaching and education”.