Putuo District Holds the “Children's Day” Themed Celebration Activity

June 01, 2023 |

On the afternoon of May 31, the 2023 Putuo District’s “June 1 Children's Day” Themed Celebration Activity with the theme of “I will Tell You Happiness” was held at the Putuo Experimental School Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University. Zhou Yan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC District Committee, Liu Dongchang, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC District Committee and Director of the District Propaganda Department, Ouyang Ping, Vice Chairman of the District CPPCC, and relevant officials of the Youth League Municipal Committee attended the event. Officials from the District Civilization Office, District Education Bureau, Youth League District Committee, District Women's Federation, representatives of the District’s young pioneers, and workers of the District’s young pioneers were brought together to this activity. Young pioneers and counselors from pioneer brigades and squadrons across the District also celebrated this Children's Day together via live-streaming.

On behalf of the CPC District Committee, Zhou Yan extended her holiday congratulations to the children across the District, expressed her high respect for the selfless dedication and hard work of the young pioneer counselors and workers, and delivered her heartfelt thanks to people from all walks of life who have long cared about and supported the work of the young pioneers. She fully affirmed the District's gratifying achievements in children's work, and encouraged educators in the District to make sustained efforts to write a new chapter based on the various honors and results achieved so far. She inspired all the young pioneers in the District to strive to be vanguards, strive for excellence, establish pioneer consciousness, and compare, learn, catch up, and surpass peers, to be good children in the new era who are caring, responsible, aspiring, hard-working, and down-to-earn. Ms. Zhou also called on the young pioneers organizations and team members across the District to keep pace with the times, keep reforming and breaking new ground, listen to the party's command, strengthen the role of party building in league building and team building, and constantly reform and adopt new approaches to the organizational construction, team building, position building, and mechanism building of the young pioneers, to create young pioneers organizations with clear politic stance, advanced thinking, unity and friendship, and liveliness and enthusiasm in the new era.

The Putuo children wearing red scarves are high-spirited and vigorous, showing their charm. This celebration was divided into three chapters, including “breeding the seeds of happiness”, “decoding a happy childhood”, and “opening a happy future”. Through the video “Young Pioneers at the Doorstep”, the micro-team class “Happy Gas Station”, the red scarf club style show, the dance “Flowers Blooming to the Sun”, the chorus “Shining Tomorrow”, young pioneers fully demonstrated their energetic status and vitality in the new era and their spirit of holding high the flag to follow the Party.

At the scene, leaders participating in the activity jointly released the “Putuo District 15-minute Young Pioneers Happiness Circle Map”. This map focuses on the achievements made by the District in the “integration of five educations (i.e., moral education, intellectual education, physical education, aesthetic education, and labor education)” and the construction of the 15-minute Young Pioneers Happiness Circle. The Happiness Circle integrates resources from more than 100 high-quality communities to facilitate children to carry out practical activities nearby, making the community an important place for off-campus young pioneer activities and enriching their after-school life. The educational philosophy of the happy school has been incorporated into the creation of the 15-minute Happiness Circle. Sun Naxin, principal of Wuning Road Primary School, a young pioneers happiness experimental school in Shanghai, shared her innovative experience in creating a happy campus. The counselors of the young pioneers demonstrated their enthusiasm and dedication to students' happiness through talent shows.

During the activity, the top ten “Good Youngsters of the New Era (Virtuous Youngsters)” among primary and secondary school students in Putuo District, Outstanding Representatives of “Young Eagle Cup” Red Scarf News Reporting Activity, “Young Pioneers Happiness Experimental School (Community)”, representatives of Red Scarf Medal “Three Stars”, “Xuelei” Scholarship representatives were commended. The leaders attending the activity visited the Putuo District Community Youth Working Committee’s style display and posters of good youngsters’ deeds in the new era, and presented holiday gifts to the student representatives from Shanghai New Putuo Primary School East Campus who won the runner-up in the 2023 Odyssey of the Mind Finals.

Finally, all the young pioneers, led by the leaders of the Youth League Municipal Committee, shouted out the solemn oath of “I will take my part in making our country stronger to live up to the Party’s expectations”, expressing their determination to become good youngsters with “four confidences”, i.e., confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics.