Putuo District Sends Teachers on Counterpart Education Aid for Yunnan Province

November 07, 2022 |

Following on the heels of the 3 school principals from Putuo District who took up their posts for education aid in Yunnan Province, 9 teachers from the district left for Yunnan on the morning of August 10, 2022, for what was described as “group-based” education aid work. They will join the 3 principals who are already at the 3 host schools, thus officially starting the “group-based” aid process. Bao Yuquan, Deputy Director of the Putuo District Education Bureau, accompanied the teachers.

After arriving in Kunming, the teachers took part in the welcome reception for Shanghai teachers organized by the Zhaotong Education and Sports Bureau. After the reception, Bao Yuquan went to Dongchuan District, Kunming City to carry out survey and research on local “group-based” education aid work, the local education situation, and Putuo’s education aid work there, and made follow-up arrangements for the work and life of the aid teachers from Shanghai.

Bao Yuquan pointed out that 2022 is a big year of education aid for Yunnan and Putuo has sent a team of high-quality cadres and teachers to Yunnan to contribute their wisdom and strength. He expressed the hope that all cadres and teachers from Putuo should change their thinking, study the characteristics and development path of local education, and continue to expand the beneficiaries and scope of education aid, conduct immersive learning, integrate into the local environment and their roles as quickly as possible, resolutely shoulder the political responsibility for rural revitalization, and take the experience of counterpart education aid as a valuable life experience; and strengthen linkage and support, leverage team strength, exchange ideas and grow with local teachers, and establish a good image of Putuo’s education workers.

In recent years, the Putuo District CPC Committee on Education Work and the Putuo District Education Bureau have successively selected several batches of educational talents to support the development of education in Yunnan. The latest batch of "group-based" education aid talents includes a total of 12 members, including 3 school-level cadres, 3 administrative cadres and 6 backbone teachers, who will be mainly responsible for providing education aid to Dongchuan District No.1 Middle School in Kunming, and Ludian County Chongwen Middle School and Qiaojia County No.2 Middle School in Zhaotong City.