Putuo District Carries out School Opening Inspection Work for 2022 Autumn Semester

November 07, 2022 |

To ensure a smooth and orderly start of the new semester and provide a healthy, safe and beautiful learning environment for students, from August 23 to 28, 2022, leaders of the Putuo District Education Bureau respectively led inspection teams to inspect school opening work in the district’s 165 schools for the autumn semester, focusing on on-site inspection of epidemic prevention and control, homework management, and psychological protection for teachers and students.

During the on-site inspection, Hu Jun, Secretary of the Putuo District CPC Committee on Education Work, put forward requirements for epidemic prevention and control work, calling upon all schools to carry out information sorting and health management for their teachers, students and staff, revise and improve their opening plans and various contingency plans for epidemic prevention and control, implement anti-epidemic supplies safeguard, cleaning and disinfection work, effectively control key links, strengthen the personal self-protection and emergency response of their teachers and students, and make full preparations to ensure the health and safety of their teachers and students and the orderly conducting of teaching after the new semester starts.

Tang Xiaoyan, Deputy Secretary of the Putuo District CPC Committee on Education Work and Director of the Putuo District Education Bureau, pointed out in the inspection that in the new semester, all schools should continue to implement the "double reduction" policy, carry out effective family education guidance and psychological protection work before and after school opening, strengthen homework management and after-school nursing services, undertake campus safety, city building and other work, and create safe, orderly and harmonious campuses and surrounding environments.

All the inspection teams went deep into school campuses, inspected their entrance security posts, classrooms, libraries, canteens and other key areas, listened to the schools’ reports on epidemic prevention and control and preparatory work for the new semester, gathered and analyzed the problems found, and demanded due rectification. All the schools made preparations for the start of the new semester in strict accordance with the relevant policy requirements, and ensured that all work responsibilities were assigned to the posts and people and well implemented, so as to comprehensively safeguard safe and smooth teaching in the new semester with a "reliable" work style.