Putuo District Education Bureau Carries out Campus Safety Inspection

November 07, 2022 |

In order to further enhance all grassroots units’ sense of responsibility for safety and their ability of safety protection, ensure campus safety during the National Day holiday period and welcome the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with a safe and stable campus environment, leaders of the Putuo District Education Bureau respectively led teams to inspect campus safety throughout the district on September 29-30 just before the National Day in 2022.

The inspection teams mainly inspected the safety of facilities and equipment, construction in progress and potential safety hazards, and offered on-site guidance and coordination. Checks were also made on whether gas alarm devices functioned properly, and protective measures were provided at open spaces. All schools were required to strictly comply with the requirements of campus safety, define duties, assign responsibilities to specific persons, and effectively implement them; strengthen patrolling forces inside and around campus, step up comprehensive public security around campus, and promptly report problems to the competent departments; and timely rectify and eliminate hidden dangers, ensure standardized, institutionalized and normal school safety management work, and make every effort to ensure the harmony, stability, and healthy development of campuses.