[Safety Education] Fire Safety Training Courses Enter Campuses, Featuring “Real Fire, Real Smoke and Real Training”

November 04, 2022 |

Recently, the Putuo District Fire and Rescue Brigade organized a “Fire Safety Training to Campus” event, bringing fire safety knowledge to schools. Adopting the form of “real fire, real smoke and real training”, the event provided an opportunity for the students to learn fire escape skills.


How to Dial the Fire Emergency Number 119

"You need to clearly state the address and be specific to which room in which building," "Whether anyone is trapped?", and "After reporting the fire, you need to stay at the intersection and show the way for firefighters!"

The first knowledge point which the fire officer taught in class was how to call the fire alarm number 119. All the students spoke enthusiastically. Let’s give a thumbs-up for their good mastery of fire safety knowledge!


How to Tie a Fire-Escape Knot

If you are trapped in a tall building and cannot escape through the fire exit, how can you escape safely through a rope? The fire officer showed the students how to tie the fire-escape knot. It is hoped that the students may never need to use it, but they ought to know how to tie it!

After the demonstration, the fire officer invited several students to tie a fire-escape knot and checked their learning results on the spot.


How to Escape in Case of Fire

The school is a public place with a large number of people. Disorderly or irregular escape often causes serious consequences.

The fire officer taught the students the correct posture for escape: "Please cover your mouth and nose with a towel or a piece of cloth, bend down or crawl forward."

In the fire escape experience session, a fire evacuation announcement was made, and thick smoke was emitted from the compartment of the publicity vehicle. The students got on the vehicle one by one, covered their mouths and noses according to the instructions, bent down and walked forward quickly. Through the fire escape experience system of the publicity vehicle, they went through the situation when a fire broke, and simulated the evacuation process.


How to Use the Fire Extinguisher

"Extinguishing a fire as early as possible, when it is still small and when it has just started" is an effective measure to control the development of fire, so learning how to use the fire extinguisher is also a necessary skill for every student.

The teachers led the students to an open space on the campus for hands-on drills on how to use the fire extinguisher, and the fire officer taught the students how to pull out the plug of the fire extinguisher, how to check the pressure value, how to choose the fire extinguishing position, and how to put out a fire.

Some students actively stepped forward to experience the process of putting out a fire.


Thoughts After Class

Pan Yaocheng

Student, Middle School Affiliated to Putuo District Education Institute of Shanghai

“I can feel a strong smell as soon as I get close to the fire. The fire extinguisher is heavier than I imagined, and it is not easy to handle. I was nervous at that time. Thanks to the patient guidance of the fire officer, maybe I can fix it myself if I encounter such situations in the future.

Mao Yinuo and Fan Yiyi

Students, Middle School Affiliated to Putuo District Education Institute of Shanghai

“The most impressive thing about this fire safety class is that there were hands-on operation sessions, such as tying fire-escape knots, making mock escapes, using fire extinguishers, etc. Learning such skills can help us better protect ourselves in fire emergencies.

Fu Zeyu

Deputy Station Head, Taopu Special Service Station, Putuo District Fire and Rescue Brigade

Fire safety education for primary and secondary school students focuses on guiding them to learn how to escape from fires and how to protect themselves. The on-site mock exercise will leave a deeper impression on them.

The "Fire Safety Training to Campus" form has won unanimous praise from the teachers and students alike. In the future, the Putuo District Fire and Rescue Brigade will also adopt various formats, such as inviting students to the station for practical training, and offering students training at the Fire Safety Experience Hall and the Public Safety Education Hall, to provide fire safety education for all primary and secondary school students in Putuo District.”