[Volunteer Service] Love Starts With the "Head"| No.4 Middle School Affiliated to ECNU Stages Charity Donation Event

November 04, 2022 |

Under the guidance of the Shanghai Foundation, the Publicity Department of the CPC Putuo District Committee, the Putuo District New Era Civilization Practice Center and the Putuo District Education Bureau, the 2022 Seventh Season "Love Starts with the Head – Hair Donation Public Welfare Action for Children with Leukemia" was held at Gate 3 of No.4 Middle School Affiliated to ECNU.

As the event was staged just before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it gives special significance to the hair donation action. Through concrete actions, the students of No.4 Middle School Affiliated to ECNU showed great love, practiced the charity idea, demonstrated their determination to listen to the Party, follow the Party and be grateful for the Party, and strive to be good youngsters with faith and responsibility in the new era!


Hello, how did you think of participating in the hair donation event?


(Strolling her fringe while answering) I have a lot of hair. My long hair can get into my mouth even when I drink water.


(Laughing) Your mom and dad signed up for you to donate hair, right?


(Looking seriously) No, I insisted on coming myself after I knew the significance of hair donation.


(Curious) Wouldn't it be a pity for a girl to cut her long hair?


(Firm) My hair can grow again soon after being cut short, but it may take a long, long time for those sick kids to grow their hair. I want to do something for them.

When I was in primary school, I knew that there was a traditional hair donation program in my school. At that time, my hair was not long enough. After entering junior high school, I learned more about the suffering of children with leukemia through project-based study. Chemotherapy makes people lose their beautiful hair. Our hair donation action can bring warmth and spiritual encouragement to children with leukemia, make them feel the care and love from society, and give them courage to overcome the diseases and difficulties. This time, I was finally lucky to be able to help them with my modest effort. What a meaningful thing this is.

Chen Wenchenxiao, Class 3, Grade 7

I have long been ambivalent about my child’s long hair. On the one hand, my child thinks that long hair is an expression of beauty, and she learned how to take care of her hair, which I am very pleased with. On the other hand, we believe that she has to spend much time on hair care every day if it is getting too long. Previously, I tried multiple times to persuade her to cut her hair short, but without success. Now, her school organized this hair donation event for children with leukemia. After learning about the event, my child remained silent for a while, but finally offered to donate her hair. Through this meaningful event, I feel that my child has grown up and learned what is trade-off and what is care for others.

Parent of Su Wenyi, Class 1, Grade 5

Growth means responsibility. The hair-donating volunteers are models for everyone to emulate. From the air donation experience, the students have come to know that love can be extended afar and a small act of kindness may warm others as well as themselves.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's hair donation event was not open to donors from the public, but it did not stop the students from being eager to contribute to society. This is a grand event full of love, with a current of warmth surging and flowing both online and offline. This is also a grand event to continue and extend love. As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better place.