[Labor Education] Putuo Schools Develop Innovative Labor Education Courses →

November 04, 2022 |

On the campus of Xunyang Road Primary School in Putuo District, there is a young pioneers’ team room currently under renovation. The designers and builders of this room are all students. This project originated from a proposal put forward at the young pioneers’ conference of the school. During the deliberations of the proposal, the teacher team found that it could be designed into a labor course. With labor education as the basis, the whole project integrates "Five Educations" into one body and takes the development of students as the ultimate aim. It intends to turn students' "sense of participation" in work into a "sense of belonging" and convey the idea of "work makes life better" to the students. Paying attention to students’ establishment of a sense of belonging, achievement and honor, as well as their autonomy and creativity, the project stresses the cultivation of the whole person in the work process.

To fully leverage the role of labor education in general education, the CPC Putuo District Committee and the Putuo District Government have jointly issued The Implementation Plan for Comprehensively Strengthening Labor Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in the New Era, which explicitly calls for efforts to incorporate labor education into the whole process of talent training, proactively explore new methods of labor education in primary and secondary schools in the new era, develop a standardized, orderly, intelligent and innovative labor education curriculum that integrates “Five Educations” into one body, form an open and collaborative education landscape in which families, schools and communities work together, guide students to work hard, honestly and creatively, and cultivate socialist builders and successors with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics and work.

Labor Education Course on "National Sentiment + International Vision"

Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School has long committed itself to cultivating outstanding talents with national sentiment and international vision. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, symbolizing reunion and happiness. As this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival approached, the school provided an opportunity for its students to experience the Mid-Autumn custom - making moon cakes in the labor skills course. Under the guidance of the course chef, the students all did a good job.

Creative labor skills course on "carpentry+art+trade rules"

Shanghai Jiangning School has integrated art into labor skills to unleash the unlimited potential of its students. Students at the school learn the correct methods to use small hand saws, wood files, sandpaper and other tools, and add their own creative designs to produce their own works. In the classroom, the school also pays attention to the cultivation of students' behavioral habits and work consciousness. After class is over, the team members work together to put the tools back in place and clean up dust from the work tables.

Heart-warming labor skills class on "paper folding+family affinity"

In the labor skills class at Caoyang Xincun No.6 Primary School, course teacher Lu Haihong guided the students to complete paper folding to create "beautiful red lips". The students showcased their works around. It is also a special gift for Mother's Day!

Specialized labor course on "Skills+Evaluation"

Shanghai Caoyang Vocational School has combined its hands-on cooking training course with labor education, paying attention not only to the training of professional skills, but also to the evaluation of the work process. The first lesson of each semester includes professional hands-on training on safety education, professional quality awareness, example-based guidance, and other contents. In the daily training class, student guidance and assessment are carried out from the aspects of appearance, operation process standardization, workplace sanitation, and achievements. The course aims to let students gradually set goals and form their own career plans in the process of understanding their major.

Labor education practice course on "Labor+Occupation"

Focusing on comprehensive and future personal development, Shanghai Shatian School has fully leveraged social, community and family resources to let its students learn the awareness and ability of career planning, hands-on practice and innovation necessary for life and development through vocational experience, helping them to form sound personality and good ethics. The students have walked into the local traffic law enforcement brigade, vegetable markets, fruit stores and flower shops... They have found their own strengths and potentials through different vocational experiences, and understand the truth that both physical and mental labor can create a happy life.

Labor education classrooms in Putuo have become more vivid under the framework of crossover integration. Taking the design of labor projects based on students' interest and close to students' lives as the main line, the local labor skill classrooms that center on meeting practical needs and solving practical problems, especially the showcasing of creative materialized labor achievements, have greatly stimulated students’ interest. Putuo Education will make continuous exploration in the path of implementing high-quality labor education in a systematic way, make new progress, and provide more suitable education for every student to learn to become an adult and excel in life!